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Our Estimate Policy:

Due to the high volume of deck estimates we do every year we would like to inform you of our policies upon estimating for deck projects.

Free Estimates: We are pleased to offer free estimates to customers that have a plan of what they are looking for to complete their deck project. The drawing must indicate scale and of a size that allows it to be faxed or emailed to our offices. The drawing will indicate outside dimensions, stair location and if possible height above grade.

From this sketch we can determine the square footage, the type of material used for construction and the amount of railing and lattice skirting. Building permits are required for decks above 24� in height from grade. Your address will give us an idea of the digging conditions in your yard and any complications we may have with the foundation. This allows our customer�s to quickly compare prices if they have several contractors bidding on their project. We are pleased to offer this service at no charge. If we are awarded the contract from this estimate we will visit the site and review any revisions with the customer at the time of signing.

Estimates and design: For those customer�s who are not sure of the design of their deck, we specialize in custom design and would be very interested in giving you the best deck for your location. We will set aside approximately one hour to have an initial consultation with you at your home. We will survey the site and take all measurements that help determine the design of your deck. We will review the various material options for decks and your requirements. We will put a sketch together based on the location and your specific needs. From this visit we will be able to put a cost estimate together for your project. Written quotations with sketches are charged per hour (see below)

Building Permits: The newly amalgamated City of Ottawa requirements for deck construction allow decks to be constructed under 24� above grade to be exempt from a building permit. All decks above 24� above grade require a building permit. Preparation for application includes: Drafted sketches of foundation, floor plan, construction section, elevations, engineering notes.

Building Permit preparation: From $300 depending on the size of the project. Note: This does not include the City of Ottawa permit fees.

How do I prepare for an estimate?

Here are 5 steps to follow when preparing for an estimate for your deck project:

Step 1
Find your site plan. Surveyors prepared your site plan when your house was sited for construction. It is a plan view drawing of your house�s foundation on your lot with the dimensions indicating set backs and any easements that may affect your property. Make photocopies of this drawing.

Step 2
Draw a sketch of your deck. Use the site plan as a scale drawing to draw the approximate location and size of your deck. Draw existing trees, gardens and general path patterns on your copied site plan.

Step 3
Be prepared to answer a few lifestyle questions. Think about all the things you want to do on your new deck. Do you want to entertain your twenty friends every weekend or once a year? Do you dislike the sun and want only the fresh air the mild weather has to offer? How do you feel about bugs? Do you want to enjoy the outdoors but not the bugs? Do you have small children? Do you have pets? Do you plan to cook all your meals on the barbeque, all year long or just in the summer? Do you want to dine on your deck? Do you want to sunbathe on your deck? Is your deck an extension of your kitchen or family room? Is your deck a transition from interior space to exterior patio? There are many more considerations but these will open the door to others.

Step 4
Consider the materials you want to use on your deck. Our best valued decks are made of
western red cedar lumber. Our carpenters like working with cedar and create beautiful
finishing details with the wood. Composite materials offer maintenance free living and
longevity to our decks.

Step 5
The Ontario Building Code outlines specifications for construction of
decks and guardrails. We build our decks following these guidelines
and municipally enforced by-laws. If you plan to deviate from the building
code, we can provide engineer approved options for your deck details.