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What kind of materials does K-Deck use?

All decks built by K-Deck are framed with pressure treated lumber, however there are a number of products that can be used to finish the floor, railing and stairs. Pressure treated pine is the least expensive and has a lifespan of 25 years or more. Although long lasting and economical, pressure treated lumber tends to crack, split and warp which can leave your deck looking old in a hurry. Western red cedar is the preferred material of choice. Slightly more expensive than pressure treated by about 25%, western red cedar will last 15-20 years and even longer if maintained properly. It naturally adapts to our Canadian climate, as a result less cracking and splitting occurs. Most of our decks are built using western red cedar seeing as it is a practical material to work with, it looks great and its quality will last a long time. Composite materials such as, "Trex", "Lifelong" and "Eon" decking are more expensive, but they are maintenance free decks that have a manufacturer lifetime warranty. No matter what type of material you choose, we will design and construct a deck that suits your needs and personal style - satisfaction guaranteed!

What is the warranty offered by K-Deck?

K-Deck offers a three year written warranty on all their work. We live and work in Kanata, so you are considered our neighbours, our unwritten warranty to our neighbours goes a lot longer than three years. We want to keep you happy with your deck.

How much are your design fees, and are estimates free?

If you have a rough sketch of what you want, or if it takes an hour to put a sketch together, we will price that for free. If you require some creative energy and paper and time than design fees kick in. They are rather easy on your pocket book if you consider the cost of something really special for your backyard. Design fees are approximately $200 for a concept drawing that you could use to get estimates. Permit drawings with construction details for the City of Ottawa
approval start at $300 for small projects and are adjusted based on the size of the project. Most
design fees are refundable if the contract is awarded to K-Deck.

How long have you been in business?

K-Deck has been in business since 1989, and a generation before that
in custom home building. We have an endless list of satisfied
customers and can provide you with references upon your request.

How do I prepare for an estimate?

Click here to view the 5 steps in preparing for an estimate.